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What if I told you that it's possible to make easy money sitting in the comfort of your own home - would you believe me? Would you even believe me if I told you it's FREE?? Yes, you can easily make money sitting on your computer while doing nothing more than answering as many questions as you feel like doing. Other sites charge you for their lists but The Survey Surfer won't! I think access to the paid survey companies should be freely available to everyone who wants to make money just like I've been doing for over 3 years!!

Earn cash from home!

You'll be surprised how much cash you can earn from taking online paid surveys. You'll be participating in research panels for some of the largest companies in the world and there's a lot of money to be earned. By paying the survey panelists a little extra money they can hope for real advice on their new products or your shopping habits. These companies would rather dish out $10,000 now than try promoting a new product later and lose millions of dollars. If you do as many paid surveys as you can in your spare time you WILL be making a lot of extra money.

Making money from free surveys

It's true that you can make good money from taking online surveys. That's not my only source of income but it sure does help out. And yes, there are some people out there taking surveys for a living. By signing up with all the free survey sites listed at The Survey Surfer, there's a good chance you'll be making a good amount of money. If you live in the U.S., you'll be making a lot more money than the rest of the world, but anybody outside the U.S. can make some extra cash regardless of location - possibly $100's!

How much will the companies pay you?

Expect to make anywhere from $2.00-$150.00 per online survey. The highest amount I've had was $75.00 but normally they'll be less than $20.00 unless they're longer than usual. When you get into focus groups and product testing you will sometimes see more money but it depends on the paid survey site and the company involved. Be prepared to enter a lot of sweepstakes since many companies would rather pay 1 person a large amount rather than 10,000 little rewards. Sometimes the odds are as good as 1 in 100 so there's a good chance of winning the smaller draws more frequently. In March, 2005, I won $2500 - my first big win and hopefully there will be more. As for the smaller draws, I've won $100 draws 3 times and a $250 draw! There's also the occasional $25-$50 gift card that comes my way. It sure adds up and I look at these like a free lottery!

Paid Surveys for everyone

The Survey Surfer is broken up into 3 sections - U.S., Canada, and International. I searched high and low 3 years ago to come up with a personal list of free online paid survey sites. When I decided to build my own list of paid surveys, I researched even deeper. I've checked each and every one of these to find out which countries the paid surveys are available to. I've even paid some of the so-called "expert" survey sites to find if I was missing something and I've found over and over that no other site has such a comprehensive list of free survey sites as The Survey Surfer!

Don't pay for your surveys! Let them pay you!!

There's websites that will actually charge you for their survey lists, including many I've found that just copy my list and charge you thirty bucks or more. NEVER PAY ANYONE FOR A LIST OF PAID SURVEY COMPANIES! I've paid some of the bigger ones and have found that they are never complete and are always outdated. I check these all by myself so there may be times where a link won't work, but it won't be there for long.

Good luck!

The first 20 survey companies for each section are usually the most active so be sure to sign up with them before you take a break. In the future I'll be adding another page full of more ways to make fun and easy money such as mystery shopping. I've listed a few of these in the Bonus section, but it's due for a major update so many of the links could be broken.

Be sure to bookmark this page and come back again. Good luck and happy earnings with your paid surveys.

If you're not sure where to begin, take a look at the tips section or go straight to the online surveys!

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